Greetings to all our music loving customers who have extended that love towards SAMICK; I feel honored being able to directly contact you through the Internet, an honor accompanied by great expectations and palpitation.

  Since the establishment in 1958 as South Korea's first complete instrument maker, SAMICK has guided Korea's musical development and its instrument industry for the last 48 years and has placed within top ten of South Korean exporters since 1990 in terms of international recognition and brand power to reach annual exportations of over US$100 million and has persistently created only the top quality musical instruments that come second to none.

  SAMICK has gone through a dishonorable time that involved a five year long court management since SAMICK's failure at attempting industry diversification in 1996.

  But the faith of our customers and the lesson learned from that incident provided an opportunity for me to undertake SAMICK in July of 2002 and introduce a new management method. Furthermore, corporate reorganization that daringly removed costs in non-competitive sections was successively performed and SAMICK has invested in Europe's number 1 piano brand, C. Bechstein from Germany, to establish a future oriented enterprise and a leading brand power in musical instruments. Today, SAMICK is implementing determined investments into those new projects that have up until now been put off, being born anew as a complete and global musical instrument corporation of high quality, a fresh sense, and hope.

  To develop as a top-end corporation that conforms to our customers' new expectations, SAMICK will work towards the following: First, develop opportunities in newly rising countries like China as part of our global network to increase total revenue. Second, supplement added value by enhancing the corporate image through release of luxury models and product distinction. Third, improve price competitiveness by establishing solid management that bases on productivity enhancement, internally financing administration, and other internal cost reductions. And lastly, become a leading corporation that focuses on people, environment, culture, and technology so that the gains we receive may reciprocate to our staff, investors, and customers.

  With that goal in mind, all of us here at SAMICK are putting in all our efforts to the enact the duty we have each been assigned with under the slogan of "Good Company, Better Service, Best Piano", and squeezing out the best from each and all of our departments to become the best musical instrument manufacturer. So, please observe our progress with keen interests and thank you.
SAMICK Chairman Jong-Sup Kim