Based on a philosophy aimed at becoming a "corporation that contributes to the nation's social welfare by promoting the musical instrument industry," SAMICK Musical Instrument CO., LTD. (SAMICK) was established in 1958 and now stand tall today in South Korea as its dominant complete instrument maker. The company has also grown internationally as one of the most prominent piano exporters, connection the world together.
Blossoming more day by day as the leading complete musical instrument manufacturer in the world, due to the constant seeking of advanced technology and higher quality, SAMICK became the first South Korean company to acquire the KS-Mark certification in 1971. Since then, SAMICK has continued to make efforts in developing new products and improving quality, starting with the technical cooperation with Klaus Fenner from Germany - a venture that awarded SAMICK the gold prizes in 'The World Piano Quality Contest' held by Diapason, an international musical magazine from France, in 1985 and 1988.
Of particular notes, SAMICK obtained the ISO 9002 Certification in February of 1995 and the ISO 9001 Certification in February of 1998 from Germany's TUV, the premier certification group with international authority in the piano trade. Not only that, SAMICK's digital piano was recently bestowed with the designation of "Korean Industry's Brand Power No. 1" in 2003 Korea Management Association Consulting, making yet another addition to the acknowledgments SAMICK has already received from numerous organizations for its excellence in quality.
Having advanced one of the largest piano manufacturer in the world after investing in the international piano maker of time-honored practices, Seiler in November of 2008, SAMICK's took advantage of this opportunity allowing it to make full-scale advancements into the international piano market.
The fact that SAMICK has been able to mature into the world's greatest piano manufacturer of today was made possible by the corporate desire to contribute to worlds the development of the nation's economy, through positive technology development and exportation, along with the perpetual push from all our customers' support.